CSS :: World Islands

1.  The largest island of the world is:
A. Borneo B. Hanshu
C. Java D. Greenland

2.  New Guinea is located in:
A. North Atlantic B. Southwest Pacific
C. Westmid Pacific D. Sea of Japan

3.  The third largest island of the world:
A. Baffin B. Madagascar
C. Cuba D. Borneo

4.  Java is located in:
A. Sea of Japan B. Indian Ocean
C. South Pacific D. Arctic Ocean

5.  Sumatra Island is the part of:
A. Russia B. Japan
C. Indonesia D. Canada

6.  The area of the Honshu Island is:
A. 1,40,940 sq. km B. 2,27,414 sq. km
C. 3,70,210 sq. km D. 3,10,111

7.  Political affiliation of South Island is:
A. Canada B. USA
C. New Zealand D. Philippines

8.  Sri Lanka is located in:
A. Indian Ocean B. Bay of Bsicay
C. Arabian Sea D. Pacific Ocean

9.  Island of Ellesmere is located in:
A. South Pacific B. Arctic Ocean
C. Indian Ocean D. North of Japan

10.  The area of Tasmania is:
A. 67,817 sq. km B. 80,489 sq. km
C. 91,910 sq. km D. 84,114 sq. km

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