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1.  What is total area of the earth?
A. 510.94 million sq. km B. 492.102 million sq. km
C. 392.023 million sq. km D. 692.192 million sq. km

2.  The total area of the earth contains:
A. 141.94 million B. 123.59 million sq. km
C. 148.94 million sq. km D. 139.91 million sq. km

3.  The total area of world the oceans contains:
A. 259.132 million sq. km B. 391.321 million sq. km
C. 349.511 million sq. km D. 61.132 million sq. km

4.  The ratio between Earth and Oceans by area is:
A. 70.8% and 29.2% B. 61.9% and 29.1 %
C. 59% and 41% D. 80.2% and 19.8%

5.  The total area of the earth is how many times bigger than the area of USA?
A. 10 times B. 15 times
C. 20 times D. 29 times

6.  The highest part of the earth is:
A. Mt. Everest B. K2
C. Mt. Kilimanjaro D. Ellllsworth Mts

7.  The lowest part of the earth is:
A. Mariana Trench B. Dead Sea
C. Death Valley D. Eyre lake

8.  The deepest part of the earth is:
A. Caspian Lake B. Peninsula Valdes
C. Mariana Trench D. Assal Lake

9.  How many continents are in the earth:
A. 6 B. 7
C. 2 D. 9

10.  Asia is the largest continent of the earth, it has the area:
A. 44,597,000 sq. km B. 44,579,000 sq. km
C. 44,111,000 sq. km D. 39,121,000 sq. km

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