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1.  The oldest monarchy in the world is that of:
A. Nepal B. Japan
C. UK D. Russia

2.  The world's largest monolithic statue of Buddha was installed in December 1992 in:
A. India B. Myanmar
C. China D. Nepal

3.  Who among the following is the World's first woman cosmonaut?
A. Jumbo Tabei B. Valentina Tereshkova
C. Sally Ride D. Bachandri Pal

4.  The first railway line was laid in:
A. USA B. Japan
C. England D. Russia

5.  Which of the following countries has the briefest constitution in the world?
C. Russia D. France

6.  Wht is the name of the first test-tube baby of the world?
A. Leslie O'Connor B. Louise Joy Brown
C. Parrica Spear D. None of these

7.  The first man-made object to leave the solar system was:
A. Voyager-1 B. Voyager-2
C. Pioneer 10 D. Mariner-2

8.  Ms. Kim Campbell is the first Woman Prime Minister of:
A. Congo B. Portugal
C. Canada D. Switzerland

9.  Amongst the following, the oldest observatory is:
A. Mount Hopkin, USA B. Copenhagen, Denmark
C. Greenwich, UK D. Delhi, India

10.  The first stellite was launched by:
A. Japan B. USA
C. USSR D. France

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