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1.  Sharjah is in:
A. Qatar B. UAE
C. Kuwait D. Saudi Arabia

2.  Which of the following cities was known earlier as 'Pearl of the Antiles'?
A. Mumbia B. Cuba
C. Manila D. Shangai

3.  The International Rice Research Institute is located in:
A. Malaysia B. Thailand
C. Philippines D. Indonesia

4.  The official residence of the Pope is in:
A. England B. America
C. Vatican City D. Rome

5.  With Which activity is the Wall Street in New York, USA associated?
A. Films B. Banking and Finance
C. Defence D. Literacy arts

6.  Where is "Elysee Palace"?
A. Italy B. France
C. Spain D. Germany

7.  The famous Effel Tower is in:
A. Paris B. Italy
C. New York D. London

8.  Niagara Falls is in:
C. South Africa D. Australia

9.  Pentagon is:
A. A large building housing the Ministry of Defence of Russia B. A large building housing the Ministry of Defence of USA
C. Steel manufacturing centre D. None of these

10.  Golan Heights belonging to country A was captured by country B. Which of the following A and B respectively?
A. Syria and Israel B. Israel and Iraq
C. Iran and Iraq D. Kuwait and Iraq

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