CSS :: World Deserts

1.  The world deserts are divided into ______ categories:
A. 3 B. 4
C. 7 D. 6

2.  Subtropical deserts are ______ with parched terrain:
A. Hot B. Cold
C. Normal D. None of these

3.  The largest desert of the world is:
A. Kalahari B. Gibson
C. Mojava D. Sahara

4.  The size of Sahara is:
A. 3.5 million sq metres B. 4.1 million sq metres
C. 3.1 million sq metres D. 2.1 million sq metres

5.  Sahara is located in:
A. Asia B. Africa
C. North America D. Australia

6.  The second largest desert of the world is:
A. Thar B. Sononan
C. Arabbian D. Namib

7.  Chihuuahuan desert is:
A. Polar B. Cool coastal
C. Cold winter D. Subtropical

8.  Simpson Sturt Stony is located in:
A. Mexico B. USA
C. Australia D. Chile

9.  The size of Kara-Kumi is:
A. 1,15,000 sq metres B. 1,35,000 sq metres
C. 2,60,000 sq metres D. 1,56,000 sq metres

10.  Karakum desert is located in:
A. China-Mongolia B. Botswana-South Africa
C. Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan D. Iran-Kazakstan

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