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1.  Twelve constellations referred to as zodiac, are:
A. Signs of Roman gods B. Imaginary region that encompasses the path of the planets
C. A group of stars D. None of these

2.  Which of the following planets is known as "Mornong Star"?
A. Mercury B. Venus
C. Mars D. Saturn

3.  Comets are celestial bodies moving around the solar system in:
A. Eliptical or hyperbolical orbits, usually accompanied by a shinning tail B. Eliptical orbits usually accompanied by long shinning tail
C. Hyperbolic orbit always accompanied by a shinning head D. Hyperbolic orbit without projecting any tail

4.  The temperature of sun's outer surface is:
A. 600 B. 6000
C. 500 D. 5000

5.  Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis as the fastest rate?
A. Mercury B. Earth
C. Jupiter D. Saturn

6.  Which among the following four planets is the biggest in size?
A. Venus B. Mercury
C. Earth D. Mars

7.  How many years does Pluto take in revolving around the sun?
A. 100 years B. 200 years
C. 248 years D. 300 years

8.  The term meteor is applied to an interplanetary body:
A. After it enters the atmosphere of the earth B. After it enters the earth's atmosphere and explodes in the mid air as a ball of fire
C. After it enters the earth's atmosphere and lands on the surface of the earth without exploding in mid air D. Before it enters the earth's atmosphere

9.  Among the planets of the solar system, the one which has the longest period of rotation is:
A. Mars B. Venus
C. Saturn D. Pluto

10.  Which one of the following statement regarding shooting stars is incorrect?
A. They are meteors B. They are debris
C. They emit light D. They are kind of stars

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