CSS :: Tectonic Plates

1.  Eurasia and North America are the remnants of _________.
A. Pangaea B. Laurasia
C. Gondwana D. None of these

2.  Pangaea was divided into Gondwana and Laurasia in __________
A. Mesozoic Era B. Laurasia
C. Gondwana D. None of these

3.  _______ proposed that the moon was torn from the earth in the pacific basin.
A. F.B. Tylor B. Wegner
C. Franklin D. None of these

4.  The word 'lithospheric plates' denotes their _________ .
A. Mobile character B. Activity
C. Rigidity D. None of these

5.  The number of major and minor plates is _______ respectively.
A. 7,14 B. 8,14
C. 9,14 D. None of these

6.  The theory of continental drift' ws presented by Alfred Wagener in ________ .
A. 1715 B. 1815
C. 1915 D. None of these

7.  _______ in 1939 proposed that movement of land mass is due to heat-sustained convection cells.
A. Arthur Homes B. Taylor
C. A-Ortelius D. Benjamin Franklin

8.  Tectonic process takes place of ________ .
A. Plate boundaries B. Mountain ranges
C. Lithosphere D. None of these

9.  The largest of all plates is _____ plate.
A. Eurasian B. North American
C. Pacific D. None of these

10.  North American plate meets _____ along California's San Andreas fault _____ plate.
A. Nazca B. Caribbean
C. Pacific D. None of these

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