CSS :: Physical Geography

1.  Arrange the following three atmospheric layers starting from the surface of the earth
A. Stratosphere B. Ionosphere
C. Troposphere

2.  What does 'Roaring forties' refer to?
A. The tract of stormy westerly winds between latitudes 20-30? S B. Whirl winds caused in Atlantic Ocean
C. The region between latitudes 40 and 50? S where the prevailing westerly winds blow over the open oceans with great regularity and strength D. None of these

3.  Isotherms are lines on a map which join the places having the same
A. Hunidity B. Pressure
C. Mean temperature D. None of these

4.  A sextant is a scientific instrument for measuring
A. Rainfall B. Altitude of the sun and other inaccessible heavenly bodies
C. Curvature of earth's surface D. None of these

5.  A piece of land surrounded by water from all sides in an ocean, sea, lake or river, is called
A. Estuary B. An island
C. Peninsula D. None of these

6.  Who was the first to reach the South Pole?
A. Amundsen B. Magellan
C. Robert Peary D. None of these

7.  An extensive inlet penetrating far into the land (a large, deep bay), is known as
A. A Gulf B. An Island
C. A Peninsula D. None of these

8.  The Ozone Layer protects the earth from
A. Ultra-violet rays B. Cosmic rays
C. Infrared rays D. X-rays

9.  High tides occur when
A. The earth, the sun and the moon are in a straight line, (the sun being in the middle) B. The position of the sun and moon form a right angle with the earth's centre
C. The sun, the earth and the moon are in a straight line (the earth being in the middle) D. The earth, the moon and the sun are in a straight line (the moon being in the middle)

10.  Moraines are debris deposited by
A. Rivers B. Sea-waves
C. Winds D. Glaciers

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