CSS :: Places Changed Names

1.  The new name of Dutch Guinea is:
A. Suriname B. Vietnam
C. Papua new Guinea D. Bissan

2.  Indonesia's old name is:
A. Suriname B. Dutch east Indies
C. Indo-China D. Aceh

3.  Istanbul's old name is:
A. Ankara B. Constantinople
C. Asia Minor D. Istangole

4.  The old name of Oslo is:
A. Oslahoma B. Christiana
C. Oslamans D. None of these

5.  Abyssinia is the old name of:
A. Nigeria B. Ethiopia
C. Syria D. Japan

6.  "Acre" is the old name of:
A. Tel Aviv B. Jerusalem
C. Akko D. None of these

7.  Ankara is the old name of:
A. Anglo B. Angora
C. Rangoon D. None of these

8.  Athens is the new name of:
A. Greece B. Athinai
C. Cyprus D. Rome

9.  What is the new name of Bombay?
A. Mumbai B. Delhi
C. Bombay D. Banglore

10.  What is the new name of Ceylon?
A. Nepal B. Sri Lanka
C. Burma D. Bhutan

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