CSS :: Oceans and Seas

1.  What is average depth of oceans?
A. 5,730 metres B. 3,760 metres
C. 4,690 metres D. 2,930 metres

2.  Which of the following is the largest ocean that covers about one-third of the surface of earth?
A. Indian Ocean B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Pacific Ocean D. Arabic Ocean

3.  The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean and many oceanographers consider it to be a sea of Atlantic. What is its total area?
A. 11.9 sq. km B. 13.8 sq. km
C. 14.1 sq. km D. 12.4 sq. km

4.  What is the area of Adriatic Sea?
A. 392,000 sq. km B. 132,000 sq. km
C. 413,000 sq. km D. 213,000 sq. km

5.  Arabic Sea is located in Indian Ocean, what is its length?
A. 5,030 meters B. 7,036 metres
C. 6,131 metres D. 8,039 metres

6.  Caribbean is a large gulf of western Atlantic, which region is bordered by Caribbean Sea?
A. North America B. South America
C. Central America and North America D. None of them

7.  Identify the famous strait located in Mediterranean Sea?
A. China Strait B. Harmoz Strait
C. Sinai Strait D. Strait of Gibraltar

8.  Red Sea is located in Indian Ocean. What is its total area?
A. 438,000 sq. km B. 218,000 sq. km
C. 348,000 sq. km D. 638,000 sq. km

9.  Which sea was the main trade route of Muslim world with eastern Africa, Persia and Asia?
A. Black Sea B. Red Sea
C. North Sea D. South China Sea

10.  Persian Gulf is located in Indian Ocean, which other name is also given to it?
A. Al-Khaliqi Al-Arabi B. Arabian Gulf
C. Gulf of Iran D. All of these

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