CSS :: Important Geography MCQs

1.  Length of river Nile is:
A. 3590 miles B. 4160 miles
C. 5310 miles

2.  The great bear lake is situated in:
A. North America B. Canada
C. Siberia

3.  Volcanic Mt. Etna is located in:
A. Hawaii; USA B. Indonesia
C. Sicily

4.  Dendritic pattern of drainage is:
A. Rectangular in shape B. Radial
C. Lake the tree with branches

5.  The height of Mt. Everest is:
A. 8848 meter B. 8611 meter
C. 8586 meter

6.  Wind gap is associated with:
A. Sand dune B. Sea wave
C. River capture

7.  The magma not able to reach the surface crystallizes to form:
A. Sedimentary Rocks B. Plutonic rocks
C. Volcanic rocks

8.  The white sands of New Mexico are composed chiefly of:
A. Quartz B. Calcite
C. Gypsum

9.  The American Dust Bowl is located along the:
A. Mississippi Valley B. Pacific coast
C. Great plains

10.  The sands of Bermuda are composed of:
A. Quartz B. Calcite
C. Gypsum

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