CSS :: Internal Disturbances

1.  Earthquakes rarely occur in:
A. Brazil B. Alaska
C. Mexico D. Russia

2.  "Caldera" is a feature associated with:
A. Folding of rocks B. Volcanoes
C. Earthquakes D. Cyclones

3.  The instrument used for measuring earthquake is:
A. Seismograph B. Pantograph
C. Barometer D. Hydrograph

4.  Which ocean has the world's largest number of active volcanoes and is called "Ring of Fine"?
A. Indian Ocean B. Pacific Ocean
C. Atlantic Ocean D. Antarctic Ocean

5.  Earthquakes are caused by:
A. Landslide B. Eruption of volcanoes
C. Denudation D. None of these

6.  Earthquakes and volcanoes occur mostly in:
A. Plateau region B. Folded and faulted region
C. Deep sea plains D. Coastal region

7.  The phenomenon of an opening in the earth's surface through which a jet of hot water and steam is forced out regular intervals is called:
A. Crater B. Geyser
C. Volcano D. Hot spring

8.  The intensity of earthquakes is measured on:
A. Beaufort scale B. Richter scale
C. Mercalli scale D. Secant scale

9.  The volcanic region "Ring of fire" surrounds:
A. Arabian Sea B. Pacific Ocean
C. Indian Ocean D. Atlantic Ocean

10.  Melten rock below the surface of the earth is called:
A. Basalt B. Lava
C. Magma D. Laccoliths

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