CSS :: Geographical Epithets

1.  Which country is called the 'Buffer state of Asia'?
A. Afghainstan B. Pakistan
C. India D. China

2.  Which country is called 'Land of fertile fields'?
A. Algeria B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan D. UK

3.  Which is called 'Island continent'?
A. Austria B. Sri Lanka
C. Pakistan D. UK

4.  Which is called 'Land of golden fleece'?
C. Australia D. German

5.  Which is called 'Remnant of a mighty empire'?
A. Australia B. Austria
C. India D. Iraq

6.  Which is called 'Isle of June'?
A. Bahamas B. Bahrain
C. Belgium D. Cuba

7.  Which is called 'Isle of pearls'?
A. Egypt B. Iraq
C. Iran D. Bahrain

8.  Which is called the 'Land of golden fibre'?
A. Sri Lanka B. Bangladesh
C. Iran D. Pakistan

9.  Which is called 'Cockpit of Europe'?
A. Beligium B. Canada
C. Colombia D. UK

10.  Which is called 'Crossroads of western Europe'?
A. Belgium B. Canada
C. France D. Egypt

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