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1.  The seasonal contrasts are maximum in:
A. Low latitude B. Mid latitude
C. Sub tropic D. High latitude

2.  What percentage of insolation is received by the earth surface?
A. 47% B. 51%
C. 60% D. 70%

3.  What is the maximum length of a day on the poles?
A. 6 months B. One year
C. 8 months D. 2 years

4.  Seasons on earth are caused by:
A. Revolution of earth round the sun and its axis tilted at 66 B. Rotation on earth round its axis
C. All places of earth have equal temperature D. None of these

5.  The earth rotatesaround its axis from:
A. North to South B. East to west
C. West to East D. North to East

6.  The inclination of the earth's axis to the orbital plane is:
A. 21 B. 23
C. 66 D. 90"

7.  The mean radius of the earth is approximately:
A. 3000 kms B. 400 kms
C. 6400 kms D. 7000 kms

8.  Vernal equinox falls on:
A. 21st Mar B. 21st June
C. 25th April D. 20th December

9.  The fixed path along which the earth revolves round the sun is called:
A. The clestial sphere B. The earth's orbit
C. The ecliptic Plane D. The ecliptic path

10.  The world used to describe the shape of earth is:
A. Flat B. Circle
C. Oblate spheres D. Sphere

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