CSS :: Countries Capital

1.  The capital of Afghanistan is:
A. Kabul B. Kandhar
C. Mazar Sharif D. None of these

2.  The capital of Albania is:
A. Luanda B. Tirana
C. Vienna D. Baku

3.  The Capital of Andorra is:
A. La Vella B. Nassau
C. St. John D. Kieve

4.  The capital of Angola is:
A. Algiers B. Luanda
C. Tirana D. Eishkek

5.  The capital of Antigua and Barbuda is:
A. Luanda B. St. Johns
C. Canberra D. Colombo

6.  The capital of Argentina is:
A. Buenos Aires B. Canberra
C. Vienna D. Baku

7.  The capital of Armenia is:
A. Canberra B. Yerevan
C. Luanda D. Baku

8.  The capital of Australia is:
A. Sydney B. Canberra
C. Perth D. Melbourne

9.  The capital of Austria is:
A. Vienna B. Nassau
C. Luanda D. St. Johns

10.  The capital of Azerbaijan is:
A. Vienna B. Baku
C. Canberra D. Yarevan

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