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1.  Atmosphere is divided into two main vertical regions one is called hydrosphere and lower is ______:
A. Troposphere B. Mezosphere
C. Homosphere D. None of these

2.  The total height of homosphere is ______ km:
A. 60-100 B. 70-100
C. 8--100 D. 90-100

3.  Total height of atmosphere is _______ km.
A. 30,000 B. 40,000
C. 50,000 D. 60,000

4.  The part of atmosphere which contains constant gasses with known composition called:
A. Homosphere B. Thermosphere
C. Hetrosphere D. None of these

5.  Nitrogen is ______ % in the air:
A. 58 B. 68
C. 78 D. 88

6.  Oxygen is ______ % in the air:
A. 18 B. 19
C. 20 D. 21

7.  The part of atmosphere which is consisted on variable gasses with unknown composition is called _______:
A. Stratosphere B. Hetrosphere
C. Homosphere D. None of these

8.  _______ absorbs energy which is transferred to the atmosphere from the earth's surface and maintains temperature for life:
A. CO2 B. O2
C. N2O D. O3

9.  Without _______ there would be no clouds or rainfall:
A. Water Vapour B. CO
C. CO2 D. O3

10.  A layer located in stratorphere which absorbs ultraviolet rays of sun called _______:
A. Ozone layer B. F-layer
C. D-layer D. E-layer

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