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1.  The world's longest coral reef "The Great barrier Reef" is located near:
A. Africa B. Northern America
C. Australia D. None of these

2.  The world's biggest island is:
A. Stewart Island B. Kangaroo Island
C. Australia D. Dirk Harting Island

3.  Darling Murray is the river of longest one:
A. Turkey B. England
C. Australia D. America

4.  Orange is located in:
A. New South Wales B. Western Australia
C. Northern territory of Australia D. Queen Land

5.  New Zealand is separated from Australia by _______ Sea:
A. Coral B. Timor
C. Tasman D. None of these

6.  North and South islands of New Zealand are separated by a strait called ______ Strait:
A. Bass B. Cook
C. Yucatan D. None of these

7.  Stait in between Australia and Tasmania is:
A. Yucatan B. Bass Strait
C. Cook Strait D. None of these

8.  The southern side of Australia, there is a bight called:
A. Bight B. Great Australia Bight
C. Great Bight D. None of these

9.  Which Gulf is the bigger one of Australia?
A. Spenrer Gulf B. Gulf of Carpentaria
C. Joseph Bonaparte Gulf D. None of these

10.  The earth surface of Asia covers ______ of total:
A. 1\2 B. 1\3
C. 1\4 D. None of these

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