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1.  Which of the following is a warm ocean current?
A. Kuroshio B. Peruvian
C. Labrador D. None of these

2.  Pceans are most important for us because:
A. They are the largest source of water B. They provide the most convenient like between the continents
C. They are the ultimate source of water D. None of these

3.  Which of the following is a cold current:
A. Kuroshio B. Brzail
C. Benguela D. Gulf of Stream

4.  The most salty sea in the world is:
A. Ural Sea B. Dead Sea
C. Red Sea D. Black Sea

5.  The direction of ocean currents is reversed with season:
A. In the Pacific Ocean B. In the Indian Ocean
C. In the Mediterranean Ocean D. In the Atlantic Ocean

6.  What is the average salt content in a litre of sea water?
A. 49 gm B. 37 gm
C. 35 gm D. 40 gm

7.  Among the following, the deepest sea is:
A. Red Sea B. Caribbean Sea
C. Bering Sea D. Mediterranean Sea

8.  The deepest trench "Mariana Trench" is in:
A. Atlantic Ocean B. Pacific Ocean
C. Indian Ocean D. Arctic Ocean

9.  In the ocean, water moves horizontally over vest areas due to:
A. Density difference B. Slope of the ocean floor
C. Waves D. Currents

10.  The world's largest lake is:
A. Lake Victoria B. Caspian Sea
C. Black Sea D. Red Sea

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