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  Preventing Payment Frauds from new customers in regards of IT services

if you provide services to your client, how you can prevent yourself from fraud as payment vise...

As a young company we are always anxious to take any assignment disregard to quality of the customer...without guarantees of payment taking work is shear frustration for a new company trying to survive..

I recommend all entrepreneurs to make sure there contract to provide services needs to be documented with care and assuring that payment terms are agreed before the service is delivered.

Our worst experiences was when the contract were not very clear on scope of work..customer took benefit of that and made us work longer then the cost agreed..we have lost lot of money in our early days...No more..we do not initiate work until we have very clearly defined scope and payment terms..mostly some percentage in advance..

Umar J said:    
Divide the payment and work in portion (Percentage)

Faisal said:    
payments terms and scope of contract is the most important thing to be clear before start of any job.

Shahzad said:    
A proper contract has to be put in place and then its the contractual liability for you to provide those services and the other party to pay.The contract should define your scope of work and the method of payment.

Gul said:    
Well on Service agreements, I would recommend if your company follow rules of ITIL, then you would easily go further for services, contracts and security from frauds.

Humaira said:    
Simply follow Islamic rules .... Clear service / product scope / quantity and in written agreement even u r dealing with ur brother

Khalid said:    
Yes. But I have found people either don't want detailed contracts or they don't want to pay a lawyer.. They rather make it up as they go along.... Sadly some lawyers here in Pakistan encourage this as they prefer their clients to go to court and more worryingly the lawyers are often so detached from commercial reality,they just don't understand the subject matter

Aamir said:    

A very good question, this is not only true for enterprises providing services to other companies but also for individuals working in high cost projects on contractual basis. Many times i saw youngster take a contract without understanding scope of work and culture.

everyone knows about these two but the biggest problem is how to define the scope of work. The only way i know is the experience and detailed documentation with your contract clauses.

Asif said:    
- Clear deliverable to be documented against mile stones
- Expectation from pre sales depending on what the solution is "software selling" has grey areas, expectations of customers to be controlled
- Get ready for bumps on the road. Project Manager skills mandatory

Munir said:    
Naturally new organizations have to be flexible in payment to win contracts or business deals. Sadly, sometimes they lose money in Beginning. I think every new business has to take that risk or the price to pay to grow Business

Mazhar said:    
when it comes to software development- do not under estimate urself as newbie.... ur work is different than making a chair, so charge as per present market trend. Also make a payment plan and get it signed off from customer before u start it. Or old way to add a time script , sort of 30 days expiry if payment didnot came don't release the key to avoid software stop working

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