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GAT is scored on scale of 0 ? 100. You receive one point for every correct answer and zero for each wrong answer. About two weeks after you have taken the test, your scores will be sent to you on the mailing address you specified in the application form.

GAT Score

A score of 50 is the qualifying score. However, a score of 50 does not mean that you get admission in M.Phil or scholarship from HEC. The admission or sponsorship decision is based on comparative higher scores and many other factors including your academic performance in past education and your research work. Evaluation is made on a mix of your overall performances. However, score less than 50 is detrimental, you?ll not be evaluated any more in any admission or scholarship criterion. You must than 50 is detrimental, you?ll not be evaluated any more in any admission or scholarship criterion. You must score more than 50 as a first step that you are considered as an applicant.

Many of the test takers, having scored fewer than 50, claim that they have this score without any preparation. Of course, it is possible; GAT is a General assessment test, every person with 16 years of education in any field reach 30 to 50 without any formal preparation. It it their destination, certainly not, they need more than 50. A formal preparation ensures achieving competitive score.

If you choose to, you may take the GAT more than one. Since the GAT is written to be an estimate of your overall skills and knowledge, you may find it advantageous to retake the exam. You may choose which record you want to use for applying college or university. Normally, you would want your highest overall score.

GAT Score and Success

  • A score of fewer than 50 make rejection of application for further evaluation.
  • A score of 50 is the minimum score to qualify the test.
  • A score of greater than 50, increases the possibility of admission or award of scholarship.


In addition to the scaled scores of 0 to 100 on three sections of the GAT, you will also receive corresponding GAT percentile scores, which will place your performance relative to those of a large sample population of other GAT takers. The percentile score compares your scores to those of other students who took the test. The comparison is given as a number between 1 to 99 and tells what percent of students earned a score lower than yours. Suppose your percentile is 67. That means you performed better than 67 out of every 100 test takers in the comparison group. Your percentile changes depending on the group with which you are compared.

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