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When to Start Preparing?

GAT is no joke. You cannot expect to score well without working towards it. Students generally start preparing for the test much before time, and serious examinees start somewhere ayear before they pass out from college/university! Now preparation for GAT does not only mean studying for the exam but also gathering information for it, registering for the exam and finalizing the test dates. All this takes time, and preparing for the test goes on side by side. If you plan to start with preparation after registering, then you just end up wasting time. So it is best to start preparing well in advance.

Observe GAT Contents

GAT review is very essential, much more than you think. When you take the test for the first time, you are new to everything and might underestimate the difficulty level of the test. Moreover you might think that the education you get in classes is sufficient for scoring well. If you have been a good student through schooling, it is not necessary that you score well in GAT. Guided preparation for the GAT gives you an idea of what to expect in the test and so you prepare for it accordingly. You need to make use of some resources which prepare specifically for GAT, rather than relying on your own books and material. GAT review is most essential because you do not have an idea of what level of competition you face outside your own college/university. Students of no two college/university can be compared until they take a common exam and so you never know what level of competition is in store for you. Hence even if you feel your preparation is enough, it just might not be! Moreover you get good practice of the type of questions asked in the GAT. GAT review materials like the book in your hands deal with the test specifically and are thus relevant to the test; they do not offer general knowledge. They offer valuable strategies, tips and practices that enable you to raise your score to a competitive level.

Quality of Preparatory Material

Good GAT review is the one which gives you complete knowledge and practice of the test. It should not just teach you how to handle on section but all the sections. For example if you get a GAT review which emphasizes more on vocabulary but does not give you any advice on how to deal with quantitative section, then the review is not complete. You must look for a review which gives you comprehensive and complete preparation strategies for preparation of each type of question separately. Likewise it should contain enough tips especially for studying mathematics. Also a good review gives you enough practice of the complete test. If you practice section wise and do not take the complete test then you do not get a clear idea of what the GAT is like in reality. Besides the GRE review should be student centered: it should not have a language which in fact is not the standard language of the test. Also keep in mind that the GAT review source also gives you practice to speed up your work so that you can finish the real test in the limited time. Speed is a major factor which influences your performance in the test.

Modes of Preparation

There are numerous modes of preparation you can choose from according to what suits you best. You can buy books, take private tuitions, take tuitions in small groups, take an online course or take classroom coaching in coaching centers.

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