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Based on field of study of the prospect test taker, Question type distribution varies on the GAT. The GAT is generally, composed of a Verbal Ability section, a Quantitative Ability section, and an Analytical Ability section, however the number of questions in each section is given as.

Number of questions in each type of GAT

Category DisciplineVerbal Ability Questions Analytical Ability Questions Quantitative Ability Questions
GAT A Engineering & Technology Business Education 30 40 30
GAT B Social Science Arts & Humanities 50 25 25
GAT C Biological & Medical Sciences Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences Physical Sciences 40 30 30

Note : Format, Scoring, Time, and order of sections are subject to change. Author and publisher do not take any responsibility in this regard.

Now the candidates seeking HEC Scholarships or admission in M. Phil programs have no need to appear in the tests over and over again for each individual scholarship or admission offer. The result of one attempt remains valid for one whole year from the test date, and is acceptable for HEC Scholarships requiring NTS GAT-General Score and admission to post graduation degree programs.

GAT Basic Statistics

  • Total Questions (MCQs) : 100
  • Total Test Time : 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
  • Test Type : Paper Based

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