CSS :: Wildlife and its Management

1.  Wildlife generally refers to all species of:
A. Mammals B. Birds
C. Reptiles D. Amphibians
E. All of the above    

2.  Different kinds of wild animals have been named in the:
A. Bible B. Isaiah (7:24)
C. Solomon (2:12) D. Moses Law (Deureronomy (22:6)
E. All of the above    

3.  The linkage of humans and animals and the importance of wildlife in the past _____ years has been brought to limelight largely because we have leart that their existence is inextricably tied to our own:
A. 50 B. 100
C. 150 D. 200

4.  In addition to their role in the ecosystem, the value of woldlife is also found in their _______
A. educational B. Scientific
C. Aesthetic D. Recreational significance
E. All of the above    

5.  Pakistan being located on the confluence of the western end of the Indian subcontinent and the Iranian plateau supports a varied and interesting mix of flora and fauna belonging to the:
A. Indo-Malayan B. Palaearctic regions
C. Some forms originating from the Ethiopian region D. All of the above

6.  Pakistan can be divided into how many biogeography provinces including:
A. Parmir B. Korakoram highlands
C. Himalayan highlands D. Anatolia - Iranian desert
E. All of the above    

7.  For wildlife, the struggle for survival became a competition with human beings and their livestock for the very basis of:
A. Life B. Food
C. Shelter D. Space
E. All of the above    

8.  Rich in fauna and flora areas:
A. Northern mountainous areas embracing Himalayan, Korakoram and Hindu Kush ranges B. In northern areas, Malakand, Hazara and Azad Kashmir are rich in fauna and flora
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

9.  An excellent habitat for wildlife in the form of:
A. Alpine grazing lands B. Sub-alpine scrub
C. Temperate forests D. All of the above

10.  Some of the main wildlife species are:
A. Snow leopard B. Black and brown bears
C. Otter D. Wolf
E. All of the above    

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