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1.  Importance of trees are:
A. One of the most precious gifts of God to mankind B. When planted over large areas, they constitute a valuable resource
C. A resource much superior to other bounties and blessing because not only it is renewable but also it is multipurpose one D. All of the above

2.  The important roles played by the forests are:
A. Productive B. Protective
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

3.  The ______ role does not require much familiarization:
A. Productive B. Protective
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

4.  The protective functions imply such important:
A. Phypsiograpphic features of the country, conservation of soil and water, regulation of stream flow B. And prevention of such calamities as floods, land sides, siltation of dams and change in the course of rivers
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

5.  Physical and physiographic benefits is:
A. Trees and climate B. Trees and water
C. Trees and crop protection in arid and semi-air areas D. Biological reclamation for water logged and saline soils
E. All of the above    

6.  Trees and climate is:
A. Every one has experienced the blissful effect of trees on amelioration of climate B. Stopping under a tree for shade or shelter, driving into a tree lined road from a desert country or turning of a wind storm into a gentle breeze in a forest are common experience
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

7.  Trees and water is:
A. A number of processes which influence water movement from the time it falls on the watersheds B. It leaves the area as stream flow or returns to the atmosphere through evaporation
C. Both (a) & (b) D. None of these

8.  The major floods in Pakistan have caused losses worth _____ million and are responsible for unsufficiency of food and subsequent higher import bills in the year to follw:
A. Rs.80,000 B. Rs.90,000
C. Rs.75,000 D. None of these

9.  The Tarbela catchment erosion has been measured at the rate of _____ meter:
A. 2 to 4 kg/sq B. 3 to 5 kg/sq
C. 4 to 6 kg/sq D. None of these

10.  Soil at the rate of 4 to 7 thousand tonnes/sq mile is carried annually in the rivers _______
A. Chenab and Jhelum B. Chenab and Ravi
C. Jhelum and Indus D. None of these

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