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1.  Forest protection means:
A. The growing of forests is a very slow process but constant B. Many years to accomplish
C. If the efforts of the forester are not to be wasted D. It is necessary that care should be taken to protect the forest from all forms of damage
E. All of the above    

2.  The enemies of the forest are thus numerous and various and its proper protection depends on:
A. Knowledge of the various forms of remedying such damage B. Knowledge of suitable methods of preventing or remedying such damage
C. The application of such knowledge to particular cases of damage, with due regard to the cost of the proposed protective operations D. All of the above

3.  Protective operations fall under the main heads of:
A. Preventive B. Remedial measures
C. Both (a) & (b)

4.  Preventive measures from part of the normal routine of forest administration, while remedial measures are called for in cases of:
A. Occasional B. Unexpected damage
C. Where the preventive measures has broken down D. All of the above

5.  The subject of forest protection may be dealt with under the heads:
A. Protection against man B. Protection against animals
C. Protection against injurious plants D. Protection against injurious climatic factors
E. All of the above    

6.  Various kinds of damages caused by man to forests are:
A. Illicit removal of forest produce from the forest B. Encroachments
C. Irregularities in the management and exploitation of forests D. Forest Fires
E. All of the above    

7.  Forest fires cause millions of rupee of damage each year to the forest. Within the span of a few hours, hard work of generations of forest officers can be ruined. Causes of fires is / are :
A. Burning of grass and undergrowth along patchs frequented by villagers for easy passage B. Burning to facilitate the collection of minor produce
C. Burning of grass by graziers for the sake of the tender grass, which comes up after a fire D. Fires caused by sparks from locomotive engines passing through the forest
E. All of the above    

8.  Damage caused by fire is / are:
A. Injury to trees B. Injury to young growth and regeneration
C. Injury to the soil D. Injury to wildlife
E. All of the above    

9.  The methods of controlling or putting out fire are:
A. Application of water B. Application of earth
C. Beating out D. Counter-firing
E. All of the above    

10.  Shifting cultivation by man causes is / are:
A. Loss of valuable forested land, which is brought under a totally unproductive use B. Loss of valuable timber
C. Accelerated erosion and other related features D. All of the above

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