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1.  The effect of pollution is first and most marked on:
A. Natural flora of a place B. Natural balance of our environment
C. Natural geo-chemical cycles D. All the above three

2.  Biological treatment of water pollution is done with the help of:
A. Lichens B. Fungi
C. Phytoplanktons D. None of the above

3.  Foul smell in the water tanks, ponds etc, is due to:
A. Anaerobiosis B. Aerobiosis
C. Biological magnification D. Psammophytes

4.  Air pollution is not caused by:
A. Thermal power plant B. Diesel engine
C. Hydroelectric power station D. Pollen grain

5.  If water pollution continues at its present rate, it will eventually:
A. Make oxygen molecules unavailable to aquatic life B. Make nitrates unavailable to aquatic life
C. Prevent precipitation D. Stop the water cycle

6.  Which of the following is likely to have the highest level of DDT deposition in its body?
A. Eel B. Crab
C. Sea gull D. Phytoplanktons

7.  Which of the following enhances BOD of water?
A. Algae B. Sand
C. Moss D. Sugar mill effluents

8.  The part of earth in which life exists is known as:
A. Lithosphere B. Biosphere
C. Atmosphere D. Hydrosphere

9.  Mercury pollution causes a disease:
A. Methaelo binemia B. Minimata
C. Foolish disease D. Hepatitis

10.  Heating of earth surface is due to:
A. Air pollution B. Water pollution
C. Soil pollution D. All of these

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