CSS :: Population Biotic Community

1.  Individuals of the same species in a particular locality constitute:
A. Population B. Community
C. Flora D. Fauna

2.  The populations increase in their number due to:
A. Mortality B. Natality
C. Dispersal D. Emigration

3.  Immense increase in the number of organisms of a species is checked by:
A. Environmental resistance B. Biotic potential
C. Imigration D. All of these

4.  Which of the following does not constitute a part of sigmoid curve?
A. Lag phase B. Linear phase
C. Stationary phase D. Exponential phase

5.  The level beyond which no major increase is possible represents:
A. Stationary phase B. Biotic potential
C. Acceleration limit D. Carrying capacity

6.  Which of the following describes a community?
A. A list of species present (species structure and diversity indices B. Biomass of producers and consumers
C. Autotrophic and heterotrophic measurements D. All of the above

7.  A community is:
A. A collection of plant and animals B. Organism living in a habitat
C. Autotrophs and hetrotrophs D. Web of life

8.  A group of plants living together eunder similar or dissimilar environmental conditions is called:
A. Vegetation B. Flora
C. Species D. Community

9.  Group of two and more plant groups is known as:
A. Biocoenosis B. Zoocoenosis
C. Plant community D. Ecotype

10.  Community is:
A. A group of independent and integrating populations of different species B. A group of independent and interacting populations of same species
C. A group of a independent and interacting populations of same species in a specific area D. A group of independent and interacting populations of different species in a specific area

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