CSS :: Biodiversity

1.  The number of species in a single community is described as:
A. Species diversity B. Alpha diversity
C. Beta diversity D. Genetic diversity

2.  Dioscorea is most significant for the following aspect:
A. Food B. Industries
C. Drug D. Aesthetics

3.  The most significant aspect of biodiversity is:
A. Food B. Drug
C. Industrial use D. Maintenance of ecosystem

4.  Rhino has become a threated species on account of over exploitation for its:
A. Skin B. Bones
C. Horn D. Tusks

5.  Which of the following marine form is more susceptible for extinction?
A. Corals B. Gastropods
C. Fishes D. Reptiles

6.  A taxon facing high risk of extinction in the wild is identified as:
A. Endangered B. Critically endangered
C. Vulnerable D. None of these

7.  WCU stands for
A. Wild conservation unit B. Wild conservation union
C. World communiction union D. World conservation union

8.  Cryopreservation of tissue is done at the following temperature:
A. -196 B. 126
C. 206 D. -96
E. None of these    

9.  The protected areas include:
A. National parks and sanctuaries B. Sanctuaries and biosphere reserves
C. National parks and biosphere reserves D. All of these

10.  The rate of replacement of species composition with the change in the environment constitutes:
A. Gamma diversity B. Beta diversity
C. Community diversity D. Ecosystem diversity

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