CSS :: Forest Types and Geographical Distribution

1.  Alpine Scrub is:
A. Shrub formations often forming a quite dense cover 0.4 to 1.4 m B. Shrub formations often forming a quite dense cover 0.5 to 1.6 m
C. Shrub formations often forming a quite dense cover 0.6 to 1.8 m D. None of these

2.  These are generally, but not always, developed above the birch zone and in patches, sometimes extensive, within it, probably conditioned by edaphic and biotic factors, in Kashmir, Gilgit, Chitral and Hazra. This type ascends normally to ______ or more above the sub-alpine forests and climate must be similar but more severe than in sub-alpine forests:
A. 140 m B. 150 m
C. 160 m D. 170 m

3.  The characteristic genera are ______ with Junipers and occasionally Rhododendron or Ephedra:
A. Salix B. Lonicera
C. Berberis D. Controneaster
E. All of the above    

4.  Sub-alpine forest is:
A. Coniferous trees limited to Abies (Fir) B. Pinus wallichiana (blue pine) stand singly
C. In groups over an irregular, sometimes dense, lower storey of broadleaved trees D. All of the above

5.  The conifers rarely exceed 8 m. In height, the broadleaved trees reach about 9m. And the shrub growth about ______
A. 1 to 3m B. 1 to 4m
C. 1 to 5m D. 1 to 5m

6.  The conifers often attain a considerable girth even upto 3m. Whilst the brich may reach _________
A. 2.3 m B. 2.4 m
C. 2.5 m D. 2.6 m

7.  This is the topmost tree formation in the Himalayas developed between about ______ on northerly aspects and perhaps 150 m. Higher on warmer slopes:
A. 3,350 m to 3,800 m B. 4,450 m to 4,800 m
C. 5,550 m to 5,800 m D. None of these

8.  Sub-alpine forests found in:
A. Kashmir B. Dir
C. Swat D. Chitral
E. All of the above    

9.  Mean annual temperature is about 10
A. 5 or 6 B. 7 or 8
C. 9 or 11 D. 11 or 12

10.  Dry temperate forests depict:
A. The canopy is only rarely closed B. Is often formed of widely spaced
C. Free-standing D. Low-branching trees
E. All of the above    

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