Entry Test MCQ :: World Class Test

1.  I'll not come except you need me.
A. I'll not come B. except
C. you D. need me

2.  He speaks like his father does.
A. he speaks B. like
C. his father D. does

3.  Remember that although he is poor yet he is honest.
A. remember B. that
C. he is poor D. he is honest

4.  Although he is poor yet honest.
A. although B. he is poor
C. yet D. honest

5.  No sooner did we reach there when it began to rain.
A. no sooner did B. we reach
C. when D. it began to rain

6.  Hurrah. We have won the match
A. hurrah B. we have
C. won D. the match

7.  What a fine weather is it!
A. what a B. fine
C. weather D. is it

8.  Neither carol or Valerie has ever seen a movie at cinema.
A. neither B. or
C. has D. seen

9.  As soon as she came into the room than Michael went out.
A. as soon as B. into
C. than D. went out

10.  I waited for her from morning to evening but she didn't come.
A. waited for B. from
C. to D. didn't

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