Entry Test MCQ :: Adjectives

1.  The modern cameras need only a few light as compared with the earlier models.
A. cameras need B. only a few
C. light D. as compared with

2.  The mind experiences more unconsciouser than conscious activity.
A. the mind B. experiences
C. unconsciouser D. conscious

3.  This answer sounds queerly.
A. this B. answer
C. sounds D. queerly

4.  Henry's offer is not enough good to be accepted.
A. Henry's offer B. is not
C. enough good D. to be accepted

5.  Sugar-cane contains not vitamin.
A. Sugar-cane B. contains
C. not D. vitamin

6.  Joseph is the most activest of all.
A. Joseph B. is the most
C. activest D. of all

7.  The match between Pakistan and India was not excited enough.
A. the match B. between
C. Pakistan and India D. excited enough

8.  Picasso can't be viewed without feeling badly aout the type of people portrayed.
A. Picasso B. can't be viewed
C. without feeling D. badly about

9.  No fingerprint is exactly alike another.
A. no fingerprint B. is exactly
C. alike D. another

10.  The words in the summary of the poem are so ambiguous to be understood.
A. in the summary B. of the poem
C. so ambiguous D. be understood

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