CSS :: Wages Rent Interest and Profit

11.  As for the cost of production of an individual farmer, the rent paid by him:
A. Enters into the price of his product B. Does not enter into price of his product
C. Is unjustified D. None of these

12.  He presented a theory of rent:
A. Malthus B. Allama Iqbal
C. Ricardo D. Marshall

13.  The following affect rent EXCEPT:
A. Better location B. Fertility of land
C. Cleverness of landlords D. Scarcity of land

14.  These are kinds of rent EXCEPT:
A. Differential rent B. Scarcity rent
C. Mobility rent D. Location rent

15.  This is capital:
A. Money B. Forests
C. Machinery D. Trademarks

16.  According to Keynes interest is a payment for:
A. Consumer's preference B. Producer's preference
C. Liquidity preference D. State Bank's preference

17.  Interest is paid because:
A. Capital is scarce B. Capital is productive
C. Capital is attractive D. Capital is surplus

18.  With decrease in price of bonds, rate of interest:
A. Decreases B. Increases
C. Does not change D. None of the above

19.  Every factor of production gets reward equal to its:
A. Cost B. Marginal product
C. Price D. Increasing return

20.  According to Keynes, interest is a payment for:
A. Use of durable goods B. Use of capital
C. Use of money D. Use of land

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