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11.  Changes in the standard of living of the people in a country are indicated best by changes in the
A. Per capita income B. Wholesale price index
C. Cost of living index D. Index of industrial productivity

12.  When prices are rising, one of the ways of bringing about reduction in prices would be to:
A. Increase the availability of goods B. Reduce the rate of personal income tax
C. Lower interest rate D. Increase government spending

13.  The currency of Bangladesh is the
A. Rial B. Takka
C. Rupee D. Rupiah

14.  The largest automobile manufacturing centre in the world is at:
A. Birmingham B. Detroit
C. Paris D. Tokyo

15.  The theory of 'surplus value' is associated with
A. Communism B. Guild socialism
C. Socialism D. Fabian socialism

16.  Which of the following world be a 'fixed cost' to a manufacturing firm?
A. Wages B. Raw material
C. Replacement of loan D. Machinery and plant

17.  Which of the following is a non-economic activity?
A. Sweeper cleaning the streets B. Mother tending her sick child
C. Danseuse performing at a theatre D. Professor instructing his students

18.  The Law of Diminishing Returns applies to
A. Merchandising B. Production
C. Land D. Capital
E. Perishable goods    

19.  The cause of high inflation is
A. High prices B. Black-market
C. Shortage of goods D. Superior quality of goods

20.  Banks charge higher rate of interest on the score of
A. Risk involved B. Purpose of loan
C. Nature of goods D. Type of customer

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