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1.  The economy of Brazil is mostly dependent on
A. Tea B. Coffee
C. Tobacco D. Sugar

2.  Where is the headquarters of the European Economic Community?
A. London B. Vatican City
C. Berlin D. Brussels

3.  The first railway line in India was laid between:
A. Calcutta and Madras B. Bombay and Madras
C. Calcutta and Ranchi D. Bombay and Thane

4.  The National Rural Employment Programme focuses particularly on:
A. Beautification of rural areas B. Creation of community assets
C. Famine relief D. Reduction of unemployment

5.  Which of the following is the currency of Nepal?
A. France B. Peso
C. Sikka D. Taka

6.  The law of demand states that other things being equal there is:
A. An inverse relationship between the quantity demanded and income of the consumer B. A positive relationship between the quantity demanded and its price
C. An inverse relationship between the rate of change in the quantity demanded and the price of the commodity D. An inverse relationshhip between the quantity demanded and its average cost of production. (188)

7.  Elasticity of Demand explains the relationship between
A. Price of substitutes arid quantity demanded B. Utility of the commodity and quantity demanded
C. Income and quantity demanded D. Price of a commodity and quantity demanded.

8.  Devaluation means
A. Change in the currency of a country B. Decrease in the value of gold
C. Decrease in the value of money in terms of foreign currency D. Decrease in the value of money internally

9.  What is the complete name of the World Bank?
A. International Finance Corporation B. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
C. International Monetary Fund D. International Development Authority
E. None of these    

10.  With which activity is the Wall street in New York, U.S.A. associated?
A. Banking and Finance B. Literary arts
C. Defence D. Films

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