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1.  Taxes are levied to:
A. Penalise people B. Provide direct benefits to tax payers
C. Provide general benefits for the people D. To accumulate funds

2.  Whom of the following propounded principles of taxation:
A. Keynes B. Marshall
C. Adam Smith D. Al Ghazali

3.  Taxes on commodities are:
A. Direct taxes B. Indirect taxes
C. Progressive taxes D. Proportional taxes

4.  Govt. prepares its budget:
A. Weekly B. Monthly
C. Quarterly D. Annually

5.  One of the following is NOT a feature of private finance:
A. Balancing of income and expenditure B. Secrecy
C. Saving some part of income D. Publicity

6.  One of the following is NOT a feature of private finance:
A. Publicity B. Secrecy
C. Efforts to balance income and expenditure D. Taking steps to increase income

7.  It is direct tax:
A. Excise tax B. Sales tax
C. Income tax D. Custom duty

8.  These are heads of expenditure of the government EXCEPT?
A. Provide social services B. Defence
C. Improve transport and communication D. Provide cosmetics

9.  The most important source of income of a government is:
A. Foreign loans B. Taxes
C. Printing of new money D. Sale of government property

10.  Progressive taxes:
A. Increase government revenue B. Bring equality in distribution of incomes
C. Act as penalty for rich people D. Both (a) & (b)

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