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1.  According to Malthus, population increases by progression of kind:
A. Systematic B. Arithmetic
C. Geometric D. Automatic

2.  All labour is:
A. Raising minimum wages B. Raising average wages
C. Increasing skills of workers D. Punishing absentee workers

3.  All labour is:
A. Homogeneous B. Heterogeneous
C. Lazy D. Intelligent

4.  Mobility of labour:
A. Increases efficiency of labour B. Spoils labour
C. Increases division of labour D. (a) and (c)

5.  Unemployment due to mechanization of agriculture is:
A. Seasonal B. Structural
C. Industrial D. Personal

6.  Labour inpur includes:
A. The inventor B. The innovator
C. The unskilled worker D. All of the above

7.  A skilled worker is an example of:
A. Entrepreneur B. Capital inpur
C. Labour input D. (b) and (c) above

8.  The labour force participation rate is the:
A. Proportion of population that is working B. Proportion of population working or looking for work
C. Proportion of skilled workers population D. Proportion of female workers to male workers

9.  The set of skills and abilities that workers possess for production of goods and serves is:
A. Motivation B. Wealth
C. Human capital D. Natural talent

10.  Jahangir graduated one month ago. He is still unemployed. His unemployment is:
A. Structural B. Frictional
C. Seasonal D. Personal

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