CSS :: Production and Production Function

1.  Labour is hirable but you cannot hire:
A. Capital B. Land
C. Manager D. Entrepreneur

2.  The three broad types of productive resources are:
A. Money profit and interest B. Capital, labour and natural resources
C. Bond, stock shares and deposits D. Technology, human capital and markets

3.  Land means:
A. Sea B. Surface of earth
C. Natural forests D. All natural resources

4.  Economic development of a country requires:
A. Skilled labour B. Diplomacy
C. Abundant natural resources D. (a) and (c) of above

5.  Productivity of land can be raised by:
A. Extensive cultivation B. Intensive cultivation
C. Better marketing D. (a) and (b) of above

6.  Land :
A. Is a free gift of nature B. Lacks geographical mobility
C. Is not hirable D. (a) and (b) of above

7.  Which of the following is NOT and input:
A. Labour B. Entrepreneurship
C. Natural resources D. Production

8.  Which of the following input factor takes risk innovtes and coordinates:
A. Capital B. Labour
C. Productivity D. Entrepreneur

9.  Which of the following is correct with respect to resources:
A. Money is a capital good B. Human skills are a labour input
C. Entrepreneur is part of the labour input D. Natural resources include human input

10.  The transformation of resources into economic goods and series is called:
A. Technical efficiency B. Input
C. Production D. Increasing returns

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