CSS :: Economic Development and Planning

1.  Pakistan started its first five-year plan in:
A. 1947 B. 1950
C. 1955 D. 1960

2.  Contribution of agriculture in Pakistan's national income is:
A. 21% B. 31%
C. 41% D. 51%

3.  Most of our exports consist of:
A. Cotton products B. Machinery
C. Sports goods D. Both (a) and (b)

4.  Pakistan is an economy:
A. Developing B. Developed
C. Fast growing economy D. (a) and (c) of above

5.  Contribution of industrial sector in Pakistan economy is:
A. 29% B. 19%
C. 9% D. undetermined

6.  The largest sector of Pakistan economy is:
A. Transport B. Agriculture
C. Industry D. Trade

7.  Size of Pakistan's 8th plan was in rupees:
A. 700 billion B. 1700 billion
C. 2700 billion D. 3700 billion

8.  Pakistan produces of its oil requirements:
A. 20% B. 30%
C. 40% D. 50%

9.  Investment rate in Pakistan is around:
A. 8% B. 18%
C. 28% D. 38%

10.  Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of underdeveloped countries:
A. Low per capita income B. Low growth rate of GDP
C. Low educational levels D. Low population growth rate

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