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21.  By 2010, Pakistan's total population reached approximately:
A. 153 million B. 173 million
C. 193 million D. 213 million

22.  The nature of unemployment due to mechanization of agriculture is:
A. Seasonal B. Structural
C. Industrial D. Permanent

23.  Mobility of labour:
A. Increases efficiency of labour B. Decreases efficiency of labour
C. Does not affect efficiency of labour D. None of the above

24.  Rate of growth of population in Pakistan is:
A. Increasing B. Decreasing
C. Constant D. Unpredictable

25.  Mobility of labour depends upon:
A. Age of the worker B. Attidude of the worker
C. Education of the worker D. All of the above

26.  Population census was held in Pakistanh in:
A. 1994 B. 1998
C. 2002 D. 2006

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