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11.  Who is unemployed:
A. Housewife B. College student
C. A peer who lives on gifts from mureeds D. A freshly graduated engineer who is searching for a job

12.  Standard of living of workers depends upon their:
A. Nominal wages B. Real wages
C. Average product D. Govt. policy

13.  Unemployment takes place because of:
A. High demand for labour B. More exports
C. High population growth rate D. Higher education

14.  Unemployment rate in Pakistan is:
A. Less than 5% B. Between 5% and 20%
C. Between 20% and 30% D. More than 30%

15.  Working population in Pakistan is in the ratio of total population:
A. 1?2 B. 1?3
C. 1?4 D. 1?5

16.  This is a cause of unemployment:
A. Foreign loans B. Fast population growth
C. Huge expenditure of government D. High Literacy rate

17.  Productivity of labour is measured by:
A. Measuring GDP B. Production per hour
C. Production per day D. Total working hours

18.  Various kinds of unemployment are:
A. Seasonal and Circular B. Seasonal and Structural
C. Structural and Social D. Private and Public

19.  These steps will raise productivity of labour:
A. High wages, longer hours of work B. High wages, shorter hours of work
C. High wages, specialization D. (b) and (c) above

20.  By 2010, Pakistan's total population reached approximately:
A. 14 crores B. 17 crores
C. 20 crores D. 23 crores

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