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1.  According to Malthus, population increases by progression of kind:
A. Systematic B. Arithmetic
C. Geometric D. Automatic

2.  Productivity of labour can be increased by:
A. Raising minimum wages B. Raising average wages
C. Increasing skills of workers D. All of the above

3.  All labour is:
A. Homogeneous B. Heterogeneous
C. Lazy D. Intelligent

4.  Mobility of labour:
A. Increases efficiency of labour B. Spoils labour
C. Increases division of labour D. (a) and (c) of above

5.  Unemployment due to mechanization of agriculture is:
A. Seasonal B. Structural
C. Industrial D. Personal

6.  Labour includes:
A. The inentor B. The innovator
C. The unskilled worker D. All of the above

7.  A skilled worker is an example of:
A. Scarcity B. An entrepreneur
C. The labour input D. (b) and (c) above

8.  The labour force participation rate is:
A. Proportion of working population B. Proportion of population working or seeking work
C. Proportion of skilled workers in the population D. Female working population

9.  Union leaders are in a better position to bargain for higher wages if demand for labour is:
A. Elastic B. Inelastic
C. Very large D. Permanent

10.  In which form the largest percentage of national income is earned:
A. Interest income B. Proprietor's income
C. Employees' wages D. Rental income

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