CSS :: Money and Value of Money

1.  Rupee is a coin:
A. Full value B. Token money
C. Credit money D. Convertible

2.  Cash cannot be directly drawn from a bank against:
A. Cross cheque B. Order cheque
C. Bearer cheque D. Traveller cheque

3.  Money material should be:
A. Abundant B. Scarce
C. Beautiful D. Heavy

4.  In Pakistan money of account is:
A. Paisa B. Rupee
C. Gold D. Dollar

5.  If no money is used to exchange goods, it is called:
A. Barter B. Currency
C. Black market D. Free trade

6.  Which is not the function of money:
A. Make demand and supply equal B. Store of value
C. Medium of exchange D. Measure of value

7.  Which is money:
A. Check B. Credit card
C. Currency D. Prize bond

8.  Convertible money means:
A. It can buy goods B. Govt. can give gold against it
C. Illegal money D. Low value money

9.  Barter has the defect:
A. Goods exchanged are of inferior quality B. Goods cannot be exchanged for services
C. Lack of common measure of value D. None of the above

10.  Legal money is called so because:
A. The buyer must pay in that money B. Can be converted into gold
C. Sellers do not accept any other money D. It is official medium of exchange

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