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1.  Discount rate of State Bank of Pakistan is:
A. Less than 5% B. More than 5% but not more than 15%
C. More than 15% but not more than 25% D. More than 25%

2.  State Bank was established in:
A. 1948 B. 1950
C. 1952 D. 1954

3.  10-rupees note is issued by:
A. National Bank B. State Bank
C. Govt. of Pakistan D. Governor State Bank

4.  Acting as lender of last resort, a central bank lends to:
A. Money markets B. Stock exchange
C. Commercial banks D. Does not lend

5.  Which statement is true of the relationship between bond prices and bond yields?
A. They vary inversely B. They vary directly
C. They are not related D. They are related in long run and not in the short run

6.  Which is the most widely used tool of monetary policy:
A. Clearing house B. Open-market operations
C. Discount rate D. Issuing of notes

7.  When the State Bank wants to decrease money supply in the country, it:
A. Buys govt. securities in stock market B. Sells govt. securities
C. Lowers discount rate D. (b) and (c) of above

8.  Monetary policy consists of:
A. Decreasing taxes B. Changing total money supply
C. Checking commercial banks D. Printing of money

9.  State Bank of Pakistan has departments:
A. Issue and banking department B. Issue and research departments
C. Banking and research department D. Issue, research and banking department

10.  Central bank's rate of landing to commercial banks is called:
A. Interest rate B. Discount rate
C. Money rate D. Control rate

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