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1.  The water supply system means
A. the entire scheme of collection and disposal of liquid waste B. the complete layout from the source of supply to the distribution
C. construction of reservoirs D. construction of canals

2.  The water obtained from the tube wells is known as
A. surface water B. sub-surface water
C. run-off D. potable water

3.  The water obtained from a lake is known as surface water.
A. Agree B. Disagree

4.  The water obtianed from
A. infiltration galleries B. springs
C. rivers D. wells

5.  The water obtianed from
A. rains B. rivers
C. reservoirs D. artesian wells

6.  The horizontal tunnels constructed at shallow depths along the banks of a river to intercept the ground water table are called
A. canals B. infiltration galleries
C. springs D. lakes

7.  The vertical wells provided along the banks of a river to draaw ground water in dry season are called
A. Open wells B. tube wells
C. artesian wells D. infiltration wells

8.  When a pervious strata is sandwitched between two impervious strata of cup shape, the well is called a tube well.
A. True B. False

9.  A pipe sunk into the ground to tap the underground water is called
A. open well B. tube well
C. artesian well D. infiltration well

10.  When in the pervious strata, the surface of water surrounding the well is at atmospheric pressure, the well is known as
A. gravity well B. artesian well
C. open well D. deep well

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