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1.  For transportation purposes in India, the first preference is given to
A. air lines B. roads
C. shipping D. railways

2.  The term used for major or important roads of a country is
A. country road B. urban road
C. highway D. none of these

3.  A road connecting two towns is called a
A. country road B. urban road
C. highway D. none of these

4.  A road within a city or town in called an urban road.
A. True B. False

5.  The portion of a road surface, which is used by vehicular traffic, is known as
A. carriage-way B. shoulder
C. express way D. all of these

6.  The city roads which are meant for through traffic usually on a continuous route are known as
A. carriage-way B. express way
C. arterial streets D. sub-arterial streets

7.  The central portion of a road for high speed vehicles is known as
A. motor way B. express way
C. shoulder D. carriage way
E. Both (a) and (b)    

8.  Carriage-way is protected by
A. 0.5 to 1.25 m B. 1.25 to 2 m
C. 2 to 4 m D. 4 to 6 m

9.  The importance of roads in a country is comparable to the veins in the human body.
A. Agree B. Disagree

10.  Which of the following statement is correct?
A. Footpaths are particularly provided in the case of urban roads. B. Footpaths are 15 cm to 20 cm higher than the road surface.
C. Shoulders are generally in level with road surface, having a slope towards the drain side. D. all of the above

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