Entry Test MCQ :: Transition Elements

1.  Coordination number of the transition element in [Pt Cl NO2 (NH3)4]2- is
A. 2 B. 6
C. 4 D. 8

2.  K2 (Cu(CN)4) which one is correct
A. Potassium tetra cyano cupperate B. Co-ordination number is 2
C. Ligand is positively charged D. Central atom is present in avionic sphere

3.  The oxidation number of central metal atom in [Ni(CO)4] is
A. 0 B. 2
C. 4 D. 6

4.  Group VIB of transition elements contains
A. Zn Cd Hg B. Fe Ru Os
C. Cr Mo W D. Mn Te Re

5.  The leements in which d or f orbitals are in the process of completion are
A. outer transition elements B. inner transition elements
C. typical transition elements D. transition elements

6.  The location of transition elements is in between
A. lanthanides & actinides B. s and p block elements
C. chalcogens and halogens D. d and f block elements

7.  The melting points and boiling points upto meddle of 3d- series
A. increases B. decreases
C. remain same D. no regular trend

8.  Pure metal
A. corrode slowly B. corrode rapidly
C. does not corrode easily D. none of these

9.  Compounds attracted by applied strong magnetic field are called
A. diamagnetic B. paramagnetic
C. good conductor D. ferromagnetic

10.  The correct electronic configuration of Cr is
A. [Ar]4s23d4 B. [Ar] 4s23d4
C. [Ar]4s03d5 D. [Ar]4s13d5

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