Entry Test MCQ :: ThermoChemistry

1.  Which one is not state function
A. Internal energy B. Enthalpy
C. Gibbs free energy D. Work

2.  If ?H value is less than zero than reaction will be
A. Exothermic B. Endothermic
C. May or may not be Exothormic or Endothermic D. None of these

3.  If internal energy of the system is increased
A. Change in state of the system is increased B. Temperature of the ystem may rise
C. Chemical reaction may take place D. All

4.  Which is true for a spontaneous endothermic process?
A. ?H<0 B. ?G<0
C. ?S<0 D. ?G>0

5.  A reaction has values of ?H and ?S which are both positive. The reaction
A. Is spontaneous B. Spontaneity is temperature dependent
C. Has an increasing free energy D. Is non-spontaneous

6.  ________________ is study about energy of a chemical system
A. thermochemistry B. thermodynamics
C. chemical kinetics D. stoichiometry

7.  The environment in which a system is studied is
A. State function B. phase
C. surrounding D. state

8.  Unit of heat in SI system is
A. J B. KCaL
C. Cal D. GJ

9.  Anything which depends upon initial and final state of a system is
A. environment B. surrounding
C. state function D. enthalpy

10.  Total energy of a system is
A. P.E + K.E B. P.E + heat energy
C. K.E + heat energy D. P.E + mechanical energy

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