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1.  Which of the following solutions of H2SO4 is more concentrated?
A. 1 Molar solution B. 1 molal solution
C. 1 normal solution D. all have same concentration

2.  Which of the following unit of concertration is independent of temperature?
A. Molarity B. Molality
C. Mole fraction D. all

3.  Which of the following is an example of liquid in gas solution.
A. Opals B. Dust particles in smoke
C. Paints D. Fog

4.  The molal boiling point constant is the ration of the elevation of boiling point to
A. Molarity B. Molality
C. More fraction of solvent D. Mole fraction of solute

5.  Which of the following are the conditions of colligative properties
A. Non-electrolye solute B. Non-volatile solute
C. Dilute solution D. All of the above

6.  Which has the minimum freezing point?
A. One Molal NaCI B. One molal KCI solution
C. One molal CaCI2 D. One molal urea solution

7.  Which of the following is not a colligative property?
A. Lowering of vapour pressure B. Freezing point
C. Osmotic pressure D. Elevation of polling point

8.  Which of the following substance do not show continuous solubility curve?
A. KCIO4 B. Na2SO4. 10H2O
C. K2Cr2O7 D. PbCl2

9.  When common salt is dissolved in water?
A. Boiling point of water dicrease B. Boiling point of water increase
C. Boiling point of water remains same D. None of the above

10.  Every sample of matter with uniform properties and fixed composition is called
A. solute B. solvent
C. solution D. phase

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