1.  I ? A elements are named as alkali metals because
A. Their oxides are basic B. Their oxide and hydroxides are water soluble
C. Both a & b D. They are found in earth

2.  The word Alkali means
A. Base B. Basic salt
C. Ashes D. Spirit

3.  Formula of Chile saltpetre is
A. NaNO3 B. CaCO3
C. Ba (NO3)2 D. NH4Cl

4.  The elements which are very abundant in earth crust are
A. Si & A? B. Ca & Mg
C. B & A? D. All

5.  The oxides of beryllium BeO is
A. Acidic B. Basic
C. Amphoteric D. Neutral

6.  Which element is necessary for normal leaf development?
A. Si B. Ba
C. Mg D. Ca

7.  Li is different from its family members due to
A. small size B. high charge density
C. less electropositivity D. all of the above

8.  Carbonates of lithium are not stable like that of sodium due to
A. Low electronegativity B. Low electropositivity
C. Low charge density D. Not known yet

9.  Nitrates of which pair of elements give different products on thermal decomposition?
A. Na K B. Mg Ca
C. Li Na D. Li Ca

10.  Which one of the following is not an alkali metal?
A. Francium B. Caesium
C. Rubidium D. Radium

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