Entry Test MCQ :: Periodic Classification

1.  Elements in the same vertical group of the periodic table have same
A. Number of valence electrons B. Atomic number
C. Atomic mass D. Atomic volume

2.  An element having low value of ionization energy and low value of electron affinity is likely to belong to
A. Group IA B. Group IB
C. Group VIIA D. Group VIII

3.  Which set of elements is listed in order of increasing ionization energy?
A. Sb < As < S < P < Cl B. Cl < Sb < P < As < S
C. As < Cl < P < S < Sb D. Sb < As < Cl < S < P

4.  Which of the following always increases on going from top to bottom in a group?
A. Metallic character B. Electronegativity
C. Oxidizing power D. Tendency to get reduced

5.  Which of the p-block elements are not representative elements?
A. Alkali metals (I-A) B. Group-14 elements (IV-A)
C. Group-18 elements (VIII-A) D. Halogens (VII-A)

6.  Among halogens the highest boiling point is of
A. Flrorine B. Chlorine
C. Bromine D. Iodine

7.  Which of the following will not form crystalline structure with opporitely charged ions
A. H+ B. H-
C. Mg2+ D. Ca2+

8.  Which statement is incorrect?
A. All the metals are good conductor of electricity. B. All the metals are good conductor of heat
C. All the metals form positive ions D. All the metals form acidic oxides

9.  Periodic table provides a basic framework to study elements with respect to their
A. Physical properties B. Chemical properties
C. Properties of their compounds D. All

10.  The scientist who did not contribute in the construction of periodic table?
A. Al-Razi B. Moseley
C. Dobereiner D. Democritus

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